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Here’s How To Share Family Memories via iCloud Shared Photo Library

Sharing memories with families will always be something to look forward to, regardless of the generation we belong to. Documenting, on the other side seems to be changing along with the generations, from traditional photo albums to more techy methods.

Apple Photo Library has now a new feature, destined for sharing access to family memories and enjoying good times much more easily once users download the iOS 16 update.


So how do you share family photos and videos via iCloud Shared Photo Library?
As part of the iOS 16 update, users can keep family photos in the Apple Photo Library, as a new way to share photos seamlessly with a separate iCloud library that up to six users can collaborate on.

Specifically, users of iOS 16 updates can decide to share current photos from their personal libraries or based on a start date or people featured in the photos.

Users can choose to add them to the Shared Library automatically using a new toggle in the Camera app. They will also receive relevant suggestions in terms of sharing photos with included participants in the Shared Apple Photo Library. The participants have access to add, delete or edit the materials and they will be found in each user’s Memories and Featured Photos.

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Here’s How To Share Family Memories via iCloud Shared Photo Library
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