Honor V30 Pro, Slightly Better and $300 Cheaper Than Mate 30 Pro

Honor V30 Pro, Slightly Better and $300 Cheaper Than Mate 30 Pro

Just as the year was coming to a close, Honor, a Huawei sub brand, released a new phone: Honor V30. 

Now, why would they do that at the end of November, when most of us are looking for Black Friday deals or have already placed some pre-orders? Answer: they’re releasing it only on the Chinese market. 

But even in China, how can it ever compete with a Mate, anyway? That’s what I thought too, until I did some digging and guess what, Honor V30 Pro is actually a bit better than Mate 30 Pro. At a smaller price. It’s even something Google should look into for their next Pixel.

Before we go into details, you may know by now that both V30 models come with the latest chip from Huawei, the Kirin 990. The same chip that is in Mate 30. This means both V30 phones support 5G from the get-go thanks to the built-in modem that Snapdragon lacks. 

It’s hard to say which is better – Honor V30 Pro or Mate 30 Pro – when you look on AnTuTu. They’re pretty on par. With one exception: GPU. If you want the phone with the best graphic unit, definitely go for the Honor V30 Pro. From the two series, we’d bet on the Honor one for gaming. 

A Kirin 990 chip also means first-in-a-phone DSLR-level noise reduction. So, just from this chip, besides 5G connectivity, better speed and performance, Ai features, you get a great setup for photography. 

Huawei’s focus on camera features continues big time in the V30 phones. You’ll know what I mean if you watch the video above!

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