Nubia Z30 Pro: Two Screens and Under Display Tof Camera?

The Nubia Z20 that stood out by taking an honest chance – slapping a second display on the back – is getting an upgrade this month.  Next week, Nubia Z30 is going to show up in all its glory.

The name of the series – Nubia Z30 – clearly means ZTE will stick with the design and main features of the phone before it, right? Not necessarily. Renders point towards an Axon 30 kind of phone with a different name. In other words, we could get a better dual screen phone or an upgraded under-display selfie camera one.

Before we know that with certainty, here are the things we can count on, regardless.

The main display will be notch-less – no cutouts for cameras here. We’ll see just a beautiful, continuous OLED display, without the chunky bezels Z20 sported. Expect a waterfall-like display that leans into the back of the body with just a small, skinny bezel top and bottom. A display with 120Hz refresh rate, mind you!

We won’t have to deal with a traditional front camera. This, in turn, will allow another cool thing: under-display face recognition… with a ToF sensor, by the way. ZTE showed the tech at MWC Shanghai and it wouldn’t be a stretch to see it in the device that will be unveiled on May 20th. With a ToF sensor, there is also room for more than just face unlock. You’ve got, all of a sudden, the chance to explore AR and other 3D applications which is something we’d normally expect from a flagship, not from a mid-ranger!

It’s important to know this – Nubia Z30 will be marketed as a mid-ranger. No matter the high-stakes design and next-gen specs you’ll hear from me in the next few minutes, judging by the prices in the past, we’ll likely see it sell at $600 or so. Under $1000, for sure.   

Therefore, you can get either a notchless, bezel-less, waterfall-esque phone with an under display 3D ToF sensor and standard back or the same distraction-free screen with under display ToF camera but with a secondary screen, too. This one would live under the quad camera on the back of your Nubia Z30. 

The only problem is the renders we have so far of the Nubia Z30 don’t show any sign of the second display. Of course, ZTE might want to keep it as a surprise. Or ZTE made it so stealth, it doesn’t show up. 

In any case, the camera we’re expecting now is a quad. Find out more about it in the video above!

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