How To Code With Emoji

emoji characters

Emoji are getting ready to make the jump from keyboard elements to code language. Instead of inputting alphabetic characters, you will be able to create programs using smileys, icecreams and fruit representations.

Although it might give you a different impression, Emojicode isn’t for kids. This new high-level programming language can be used to write cross-platform applications. Being open-source and multi-paradigm, you can count on it to be stable and consistent throughout, although you will see you need to know several characters for variables. All, in Emoji fashion, of course.

The little pictograms form its structure and flow as you can imagine and the program is executed by Emojicode Real-Time Engine, which is much faster than your virtual machine. Before you ask, yes, the code is translatable in Ubuntu, OS X, Raspbian and others.

To get started, download the Emojicode SDK on GitHub. You can also build a binary yourself, if there’s none available for your system. 

For other directions and explanations, check this guide.


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