How To Earn Money Now With YouTube Super Thanks

YouTube is officially releasing a new way for creators to earn money. Called YouTube Super Thanks, it’s something fairly easy to implement – here’s how to do it.

Google’s super popular video platform is working on even more ways to help creators earn money directly from fans.

After incentivizing podcasters and brainstorming programs targeted at YouTube shorts creators, the company is rolling out Super Thanks in over 68 different countries.

Chances are you’re one of the users eligible for this feature if you’re in one of those countries and a part of the YouTube Partner Program. If enabled, Super Thanks can help you earn between $2 to $50/fan while their donation is highlighted for all your community to see.

How to Enable YouTube Super Thanks

Is your channel monetized? Perfect! Are you located in one of these places? Great!


1. Go to YouTube Studio on your computer.

2. Tap Monetization from the menu on your left.

3. Look for the Supers tab and click it. Follow the instructions on screen.

4. Done? Then, you should select the Super Thanks button.

That’s just one side of the Supers YouTube is preparing for creators. There are also Super Chats available – these show up in live streams and highlight users comments every time they show their appreciation though a donation.

Plus, there are Super Stickers to consider; fans can simply buy them and those earnings go straight to the channel.

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How To Earn Money Now With YouTube Super Thanks
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