YouTube To Pay Podcasters Thousands of Dollars To Make Video

YouTube is sparing no efforts when it comes to content creators and video content. The Google-owned company is willing to spend thousands of dollars to convince podcasters that video shows are just as valuable as audio ones.

After incentivizing content creators to make YouTube shorts, the company is turning to podcasters. The latest strategy is to convince those to create video versions of their shows on the platform.

In order for individuals and podcast networks to comply, Bloomberg says YouTube has allocated a budget between $50,000 – $300,000/channel.

Besides its immense database of video content that is perpetually in flux, YouTube hosts several popular podcasts like the H3 PodcastFull Send Podcast, and the Impaulsive (Logan Paul leading from behind the scenes).

It even helped push the Joe Rogan Experience to fame so focusing on those assets to create more content, video this time, seems only logical.

YouTube has been on an on-going campaign of catering to listeners too, not just viewers. This started last fall, when Canadian users were able to listen to audio without opening the app. Previously, this capability was reserved to YouTube premium subscribers.

There are competitors to consider, like Spotify, but YouTube has good chances of getting to an audience of listeners who can appreciate video too, increasing their power in the industry.

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YouTube To Pay Podcasters Thousands of Dollars To Make Video
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