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How To Transfer Your Facebook Posts and Notes To Other Platforms

Up until now, you could transfer your Facebook photos to Dropbox, Google Photos, Backblaze and similar photos – now you can do the same with your posts and your notes.

As regulators and lawmakers are going after Facebook with antitrust concerns (and sometimes lawsuits), the social media giant is rolling out more tools to show that it is not, in fact, making it overly difficult to leave Facebook.

After being accused by the FTC of stifling competition and making it difficult for users to migrate their data off platform, Facebook now lets you easily move your posts and your notes, and not just your pics.

To do so, you just have to go to Settings, select “Your Facebook Information”, then “Transfer Your Information”. You’ll be prompted to enter your Facebook password again for added security, then you’ll be able to pick the platform you want to back up your Facebook posts and notes to – WordPress.com, Blogger or Google documents.

If you want to clean your old Facebook posts, here is how to do it.

“This tool is not only a convenient way for you to back up your data or start a blog. It also means Facebook will be more in line with the European Union  General Data Protection Regulation and the California Consumer Privacy Act.

We hope this tool empowers people to take control of their data and encourages the creation of updated rules around data portability by lawmakers. We look forward to working with more experts and companies to expand the scope of what you can move between platforms,” said Facebook in a blog post detailing their recent privacy advancements and future plans.

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How To Transfer Your Facebook Posts and Notes To Other Platforms
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