Huawei Scoffs At Apple’s Failed Face Recognition Demo

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After Apple’s annual event last week, several smartphone brands took advantage of the occasion to flaunt their own products’ qualities. Among them was Huawei, the Chinese manufacturer that has never been afraid to make its intentions regarding Apple clear. This time around, it took a shot at iPhone X’s inability to complete the face recognition process during the Keynote #mobilemagic

As we all know, the Face ID presentation had its hiccups. Apple’s facial recognition system didn’t work from the get-go, although after a couple of tries it proved the company’s point. Still, that mistake didn’t go unnoticed by Huawei who announced on Social Media it was going to reveal a “real AI smartphone”, unlike their competition: “Let’s face it, facial recognition isn’t for everyone”:

The short clip suggests their next handset will have no problem face recognizing its owner. Moreover, it would prove that on the day of its announcement, October 16. Since we know Mate 10 and Mate 10 Pro are bound to show up soon, we believe Huawei was referring to the phablets.

Indeed, they are rumored to come with the new Kirin 970 chip on-board, the only one that has built-in AI processing abilities. That’s due to a dedicated NPU (Neural Processing Unit).

The new phablet is expected to come with a 6-inch, 2:1 aspect ratio display, meaning it will join the ranks of bezel-less phones. If we’re lucky, the handset might even sport 6GB of RAM and a 4,000 mAh battery. Not bad at all, right?

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