Huawei May Be Willing To Share Its 5G Technology

Huawei May Be Willing To Share Its 5G Technology


A competitor of the Chinese giant may rise, as Ren Zhengfei, chief executive of Huawei, stated that he may sell a piece of his company to a Western buyer.

Huawei’s 5g technology campus in Shenzhen houses an exhibition hall where the giant’s “fifth-generation” (5g) technology is displayed and will soon connect pretty much everything.

During an interview for The Economist on September 10th, the chief executive revealed that the company is willing to share this amazing technology, in exchange for a one-time fee. 

The partnership would imply that the buyer would gain access to Huawei’s existing 5g patents, licences, technical blueprints, production knowledge. 

However, Huawei could go head and develop the technology in further innovations, independently. 

In parallel, the new buyer would have the authority to modify the source code as it wants. This would give the hypothetical buyer total control of the technology, as neither Huawei nor the Chinese government would have any type of control over telecoms infrastructure built with the new buyer’s equipment. 

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