Huawei P50 Pro Plus: You Won’t Know What Hit You!

Huawei P50 series is happening. Not this March, no, but in summer actually. When it’s gonna launch, Huawei hopes the P50 Pro Plus’ crazy camera design and capabilities will make an impression.

From what we know now, the P50 series’ camera bump is nothing like we’ve seen before; it might remind you of a traffic light, or two Dunkin Donuts, or even a pair of glasses reversed. It’s so unexpected, designers had a blast coming up with different renders.

The P50 Pro Plus render, especially, could hide a penta camera – not like in a Russian roulette setup – but five cameras divided into the two circles. A triple setup in one circle with a periscope offering 200x zoom and a ToF sensor in the other one.

Both the P50 Pro Plus and Pro will feature Sony’s 1-inch optical format sensor for the main camera which… is very much Huawei’s way of saying “I’ll be back” and you won’t know what hit you! 

Will there be bumps on the road? Perhaps. One of them could be Harmony OS, the company’s in-house OS, which is gonna come out of the box. Users will have to adjust to the lack of Android and the subtleties of a new system. And those who won’t find a problem with that will still have to contend to last year’s chip flavor.

The P50 Pro and Pro Plus will make do with the Kirin 9000, while the vanilla P50 will get the less impressive 9000E. 

And that’s the best-case scenario. Rumor is Huawei is working to release a Kirin 9000L to meet P50 demand… which is an inferior processor, manufactured using Samsung’s 5nm EUV process. What will you be losing with the 9000L? Clock speed and an NPU core. That can be off-putting for many users who care about having top-notch specs. 

As for the rest of the specs for the P50 series, find more about them in the video above!

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