HyperSurfaces Uses Advanced Sensor Tech To Transform Any Object Into A Smart Device

hypersurfaces demo

Did you think the growth of IoT devices in recent years has been alarming? Prepare yourself, because startups are working on transforming everything into a smart device.

That “everything” does mean anything you can image, at least in the vision of the HyperSurfaces startup, a company using advanced sensor tech to add the “smart” in front of any regular object.


HyperSurfaces use vibration sensors and machine learning / AI to transform physical objects into smart objects capable of recognizing physical interactions. A wooden table could become a keyboard and a car door could simply be tapped to start the speakers.

At its core, the startups’ patented idea is to use neural networks that will interpret the vibrational patterns detected on physical objects fitted with common vibration sensors and transform those patterns into digital commands.

“Imagine a new wave of 3D wooden IoT devices,” aid one of the HyperSurfaces in a Techcrunch report, amusingly highlighting the possibilities of this text.

Looking at the video demos HyperSurfaces posted, it’s hard not to get excited. According to the official mission, HyperSurface is “seamlessly merging the physical and data worlds without the need for keyboards, buttons or touch screens.”

You can see some of that promise in the videos above and below.


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