IAV Brings Us Interactive Side Windows in Cars

IAV Brings Us Interactive Side Windows in Cars


German company IAV plans to unveil their Side Window Entertainment technology during the CES. The technology brings the passengers windows that are equipped with intelligent augmented reality that can offer them information on points of interest but not only.

The passengers can also zoom in and take screenshots and the window gives them the opportunity to make reservations as they are being driven past restaurants or arrange appointments for the hairdresser’s or the doctor’s, all with just one simple window tap.

IAVchannel / YouTube

As far as children go, parents should rest more easy knowing they’d be able to keep them occupied during long, boring car rides because the interactive window will allow them to access videos and play games.

“Initial solutions could go into volume production already in two to three years. In [the] future, vehicle on-board entertainment will be a distinguishing feature. Windows with transparent OLED displays will play a major role.”

Daniel Danz, IAV

This is not the first interactive car window idea we’ve heard from CES participants though, so it looks like next year’s show will prove to be very interesting for the automotive industry.

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