IFA Day 2: Hard To Find a Chair

lg cloi exoskeleton
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After doing some PUBG tactics using Honor Play’s haptics yesterday, today we decided to spend a lot of time near Acer, the (one) company that really made headlines at IFA.

Unfortunately, while we were promised a futuristic gaming chair, we ended up insatiably hunting for any old type of chair. Time and again ran into standing-room-only crowds and got swept up through the futuristic maze.

First we wanted to find the Acer Predator Thronos gaming chair that had been announced during the event’s first day. However, no matter how much we walked or looked around, no chair seemed to be available, and rest escaped us – our weary bones stayed in motion for what felt like the rest of the longest time, ever. The Thronos gaming throne-slash-battlestation was not on display and neither was the Predator Triton 900, the impressive and imposingly bulky convertible laptop also presented on the first day.

As a seemingly endless number of gamers of all ages shuttled towards Acer to come face to face with their latest line of gaming PCs, and with the Razer arena situated right in front of Acer, attracting its own fair share of fans, the two gaming powerhouses created a bottleneck that made leaving the area a harsh experience.

At TCL we stopped by to admire the impressive TVs and the elegant frames that came decked out with embedded smart speakers, but we got sidetracked by A pair of mimes pretending to be robots.

Or was it robots pretending to be mimes?

We’re really not quite sure yet on that front, but we loved it, a tiny uncanny valley moment all for ourselves, though we were also carefully on the lookout for rogue AI – after yesterday’s close call no amount of prep and survival instincts seemed like enough. Once you’re chased by tiny Daleks through IFA’s halls, you can never again go back into polite society.

Unfortunately, right around this point, the day started going downhill, as our awesome host Yue came down with a case of food poisoning. Well, at least that’s what we suspect, she tends to blame her sudden nausea and cold sweats on the tap water. In any case, defeated by a Berlin diet of kebab and tap water and then confronted with Telekom’s impossibly neon pink hall – a 360-degree funhouse from a pink future, with no escape in sight – player 1 Yue left the match and had to go lie down to recover. Don’t worry, she’ll be back soon to show you the best gadgets we can find.

A bit shook by Yue’s sudden dizziness and paranoid we would be up next, we decided to try and cover as much ground possible with what was left of our expedition-style resources – so we could fully show you the IFA gaming atmosphere.

Since moving past Acer and Razer required Mission Impossible-style moves, we decided to double back to LG’s area, where we had hoped to try out the LG CLOi SuitBot, an exoskeleton designed to support the working man’s legs while he’s doing the heavy lifting needed to move the giant payloads of the future. Or is it working woman? Now I know what you’re thinking – exoskeleton, Ripley, the final showdown.

And with our luck, we were expecting to run into a Xenomorph around every corner.

Unfortunately, LG only had one SuitBot on display and, just like the row of cute CLOi robots, it was also roped off from access. Look, don’t wear. Certainly, don’t battle Xenomorphs.

lg cloi exoskeleton

Can’t say there was much disappointment there, since the LG G7 One, just announced, was available for test. We fiddled with the device for a little bit, testing the Google lens, and were impressed to see that the feature reliably recognized both objects and text. ‘


This is the first LG phone that’s shipping with Android One and definitely one of the most powerful devices running Google’s stock Android. Powered by a Snapdragon 835, with a 6.1-inch 1440 p display and the same Boombox from the LG G7, this is definitely not your run-of-the-mill Android One smartphone. However, it’s not quite a flagship device, as it only brings 4 GB of RAM and just a single rear camera. Obviously, the devices on the showroom were running quite smoothly and handling great, but if you plan to do a lot on an LG G7 One, having only 4 GB of RAM will eventually slow you down.


Speaking of slowing down, we definitely took our time to investigate all the gaming PCs and laptops at IFA. Until Yue is back on her feet and ready to explore more, we’re going to leave you with the best battlestations we saw. How about those custom builds? Epic, right?

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