iFixit Pulls Galaxy Fold Teardown From Website

samsung galaxy fold

If you go to iFixit, you go if you need to see how to fix some pieces of tech and more, or, if you’re like me and like to know how things are made, to watch teardowns of different devices in clips that show you how all of it is arranged on the inside.

The website recently posted a Galaxy Fold teardown as well but the post was quickly removed in a move that raised a few eyebrows.

iFixit was quick to address the matter in a blog post where it stated that it was not asked to pull the article by Samsung directly but, by the looks of it, it was the partner that supplied them with the device who made the demand.

We were provided our Galaxy Fold unit by a trusted partner. Samsung has requested, through that partner, that iFixit remove its teardown. We are under no obligation to remove our analysis, legal or otherwise. But out of respect for this partner, whom we consider an ally in making devices more repairable, we are choosing to withdraw our story until we can purchase a Galaxy Fold at retail,” the post says.

This news comes after Samsung had to delay the launch of the Galaxy Fold after early reviewers reported a number of serious issues with the display and hinge. The company has pulled the review units and is, at the moment, investigating the issue.

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