Image Shows The Big Difference Between Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus

samsung galaxy s8 press render

Samsung is only two weeks away from revealing Galaxy S8. This month’s leaks have shown pretty much everything we needed to know about its design but almost nothing came up about its twin brother, the S8 Plus. Well, now, a leaked image is revealing the big difference between the two #mobilemagic

An image uploaded on Weibo shows a first peek at Galaxy S8 Plus and the difference of size between this model and the standard S8:

samsung galaxy s8 galaxy s8 plus

As you can see, there’s a pretty noticeable contrast between the two. A white version of Galaxy S8 is on the left, already unlocked. The front screen buttons are very visible, with the home one sitting in the middle. The Plus version, in Gold or Grey (can’t tell for sure), is right next to it, longer and slightly wider, locked. The lock screen shows a notification and two buttons on each side of the bottom front screen. One is the camera button, the other one opens your contacts. Both are customizable so you’ll be able to swap them with your most-accessed functions once you go to Settings.

The size of the devices is rumored to be around 5.8-inches for the standard one and 6.2-inches for the Plus version. That’s a bit excessive, if you ask us, but if you’re into big displays it could be just what you have been waiting for. Certainly, the thin bezels at the top and bottom add to the feeling of peering into the Android world through a large, splendid window.

All that remain on the top bezel are the selfie cameras and sensors, including the facial recognition system expected to join the other two biometric methods of authentication.

Stay tuned for official information on March 29!



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