Indestructible Puffer Jacket Could Withstand Even GoT’s Long Winter

As our weather spins out of control, taming winter in some areas and making it harsher in others, clothing companies are racing to offer the latest in thick clothing to help us out. Vollebak is doing an exceptional good job, as the innovative company is now selling an puffer jacket that could withstand even the long winter in Game of Thrones.

The same people that came up with the 100 Year Hoodie are back with a jacket made out of dyneema, the world’s strongest fiber. Imagine it like this: the material from which this puffer jacket is made from is 15 times stronger than steel, withstanding knife cuts and tearing.

In cold areas, the low temperatures thicken the material; the jacket actually gains 5-10% strength when the temperature drops past -50C. As you can imagine, this jacket not only doubles as an armor but can probably be passed from generation to generation.

Accessories such as zippers, adjusters and belt-tape are military-grade, as Vollebak tried to eliminate each and every weakness such an outdoor piece could have:

“The Indestructible Puffer is very different to a lightweight packable down jacket, in the same way that climbing into a tank is different from climbing into a car. It’s not going to rip apart after a year or two, or start leaking feathers, and you won’t want to try and pack it away into its own pocket because it will fight you. This is built for the hardest challenges in the toughest places, which is why it weighs 2,500 grams and is built to keep you warm at -40°C.”

How does it feel? Despite its features, it’s not as course as you may think. “The outside of the jacket feels like denim on a cold day.” Vollebak says. “It’s soft and smooth to the touch, but you can still feel a light grain under your fingers.”

While it won’t survive bullets or the inside of a volcano, this puffer jacket is a safe bet if you’re living in a particularly cold area or you’re into hiking, rock climbing or other types of extreme winter sports.

The Indestructible Puffer Jacket can be purchased only in black, at $995 £795 / €895 from here.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Robi

    November 30, 2019 at 8:33 am

    Wonderful cloth review on winter season. I think you are a great helping hand to help another. In winter is my favourite time to travel outside.

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