Instagram Users Might Soon Be Able To Create AR Filters

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Instagram keeps bringing exciting features to its users, and soon they might be able to create AR filters and effects for the platform.

How? Through Spark AR, a new tool for the Instagram public, launched by Facebook. The first announcement from Facebook was stating that it would allow Instagram users to create their own AR effects this spring, at its F8 developers conference.

Things didn’t happen that fast, as other projects were in development as well, but Spark AR has been disclosed to a few Instagram users in a closed beta, and today is available as a public beta.


By clicking the “Browse More Effects” option – at the end of the filter tray in Stories – you can discover user-made filters on Instagram. If you got excited and want to start creating your own, you can download the free Spark AR Studio on Mac OS or Windows.

The process of creating filters and sharing them is made easy, due to the drag-and-drop functionality. The followers of a creator are able to share on their own stories of a particular filter or effect they saw and liked and vice-versa. That way the filters can potentially go viral, while the original creator gets full credit trough a small tag on the bottom.

This creative practice brought by Facebook it is not a premiere for apps. Remember when SnapChat gave access to the Lens Studio early last year and then created Lens Explorer to access AR lenses created by users?

For the moment, Spark AR for Instagram is still in beta version, so we’re curious to see it becomes a permanent feature.

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