Instagram Will Change Its Guidelines for Banning Accounts

Instagram Will Change Its Guidelines for Banning Accounts


Instagram allows only a certain percentage of violations in a certain period of time before it proceeded to ban a user’s account. The problem with this policy is that it is quite lenient towards users that post often – if they share a high number of posts, the number of violations they are allowed simply increases.

In order to find a way around this issue, Instagram announced that it is bringing some policy changes for account removals. The platform will be taking down accounts only after a certain number of violations happened or were reported within a particular time frame.

This means that all accounts, regardless of how much they post or not, will have to face the same rules.

The company did not release the number of violations or the exact time frame it has decided on as it didn’t want people to take advantage of them but said that these new guidelines will go into effect ‘soon’.

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