Instagram's New Feature Allows You To Keep Your Stories Private

Instagram’s New Feature Allows You To Keep Your Stories Private


Instagram seems to be undergoing a refurbishment in the past few months: it first released a new Dashboard which allows the users to know just how much time they spend on the app, is making an effort to combat fake likes and followers and is also working on a Profile redesign.

With all that on their plate you’d think they’d be too busy to get something else going, but you’d be wrong: Instagram is introducing a new feature that aims to allow a bit more privacy to the app, called Close Friends.

Close Friends, according to Instagram will allow you “the flexibility to share your personal moments with exactly who you want — whether that’s inside jokes with your team or showing off your new relationship to your inner circle.”

You can choose who you want in your Close Friends list because there is no request option attached to it. If you are on someone else’s Close Friends list, there will be a green ring around their photo in the Stories section.

If you want to start adding friends to this list, you can go to your profile and access Close Friends from the side menu and when you share your stories, you can choose to share them with just the people on that list.

At the moment, the feature is still rolling out worldwide on the latest Instagram version so if you don’t see it on your profile just yet, be a little patient.

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