iOS 13 Dark Mode is The Answer to Your Battery Life Problems

iOS 13 Dark Mode Increases Battery Life By Up To 30%


A new test showed the positive effects of Dark Mode introduced by iOS 13 on displays that use OLED technology, with an increase in battery life of around 30% compared to Light Mode.

Apple introduced the Dark Mode for iPhone , iPad and iPod Touch with the arrival of iOS 13: the feature allows users to use the dark theme at the system level, with support for third-party apps compatible with the new APIs.

The test in question was performed by the YouTube channel PhoneBuff , was conducted with the aid of a robotthat carried out the same operations on two iPhone XS Max calibrated with the same parameters. 

The robotic arm has used applications compatible with the Dark Mode but also other apps, such as Google Maps, which do not take advantage of the APIs provided by Apple.

The test went on for the duration of 2 hours, period in which the battery levels have been scrupulously recorded. From the outcome of the test it can be seen that, in Dark Mode, the battery does not suffer as much and the Mode uses less battery than an iPhone XS Max using Light Mode, for example. 

While the Light Mode iPhone XS Max was dying away, the iPhone XS Max on Dark Mode still had 30% battery life still left. 

One variable in the test, according to PhoneBuff, did condition the results: the phones we set at 200 nits brightness. At 100 nits, which is what is usually expected indoors, during Twitter for 2 hours saved just 5% more battery when in Dark Mode. At 300 nits however, which is what we’ve come to expect outdoors, Dark Mode saved 12% battery. 

Might be a lot for some and less for others but the test does prove that Dark mode does save battery power for OLED phones. 

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