iPhone 11, Decoded: Find Out Whether You Should Buy it Or Wait for iPhone 12!

iPhone 11 was the pride and joy of Apple this fall. The whole team went up on stage to talk about all the new features and improvements they’ve made to the iPhone but even so, we wondered: does it deserve the praise and the high price? Or is it better to skip it and just buy the iPhone 12 next year?

In our first episode of Need to Know, a show where we care less about promises and more about what’s in it for you, we put all the facts out there and invited you to give us your opinion on the matter.

On the bright side, iPhone 11 costs less and comes with Apple’s newest A13 chip. Along with iPhone 11 Pro, it does get the biggest battery ever – when compared to its iPhone predecessors, though.

iPhone 11 Pro does have a triple camera which is calibrated from factory, a pretty impressive feat and performs better in low light.

If you think about the Deep Fusion Apple announced, you get almost giddy.

Plus, there’s also Filmic Pro out there, which allows users to film with all three cameras in the same, switching from one to the other as they please. However, that is a feature from a third party, not native.

If you take off those rose-colored glasses, you’ll notice, just like we did, that the new iPhones refresh rate is the same 60Hz, even with Apple Arcade officially launched. It’s also pretty hard to ignore the 5W charger that comes in the box when there’s support for 18W.

It’s up to you whether these are deal breakers or not. Even if they are, 2020 should be the year Apple “gives up” and brings its users a bigger refresh rate, a smaller notch and maybe even USB-C connection instead of Lightning.

Does it make sense to wait another year? Or is the iPhone 11 series great for your current needs?

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