iPhone 8 infrared face detection revealed by HomePod firmware

iPhone 8 Infrared Face Detection Revealed by HomePod Firmware

The HomePod smart speaker firmware revealed iPhone 8 infrared face detection, after an early-release developer dug around the code and found some interesting lines.

Apparently, the HomePod firmware contains numerous references to a possible iPhone 8 Infrared face detection feature within the BiometricKit framework currently hosting Touch ID authentication.

So yes, you will be able to unlock your iPhone 8 with your face and no, the technology will not use the basic traditional camera scan, but the much more accurate infrared sensors.

Various references in the code indicate that the iPhone 8 infrared face detection feature had the code name „Pearl”, while the iPhone 8 itself is code named ”D22”.

The newest Apple smartphone offering is expected to arrive as usual, around September, but stocks could be lower than usual around the launch time frame. According to one source, Apple has tried implementing Touch ID fingerprint sensor beneath the display but it was too difficult, so could be the reason for implementing facial recognition for authentication.

iPhone has its 10 year anniversary in 2017 so, no doubt about it, iPhone 8 will have some nice surprises in store. Unfortunately, it was also plagued by production issues and many have stated that Apple will surely miss the September deadline. So far, we choose to be optimistic because of a serious string of positive rumors (eg. Bezel-less display, rear-facing 3D laser for AR applications).

Meanwhile, a TechRadar report claims that the HomePod will be available around the holiday season, in December 2017. Priced at $349, it will be available in white or space gray. Apple also stated that “a great way to send messages”, so we might also see iMessage integration.

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