iPhone 8, Rumored To Come With Depth-Sensing Technology


Apple intends to improve their camera game with the next iPhone, believes KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. The company is looking into depth-sensing technology that could be used for other biometric authentication methods or/and augmented user experiences #mobilemagic #biomagic

Kuo has reason to believe that the next iPhone will come with revolutionary camera technology. The front camera, which other manufacturers have upped mainly in terms of megapixels for prettier selfies, will be equipped with an infrared projector and receiver. The projector sends invisible IR light signals outward and the receiver waits for them to bounce off exterior objects.

These would enable other biometric recognition systems, such as iris or facial recognition, but also augment gaming experiences. Imagine taking 3D selfies that can replace your dull avatar face in games – maybe that won’t make you a winner but it will definitely give you a cool vibe.

Seriously now, this system is more vital for the authentication methods employed by the device. If Apple ditches the fingerprint scanner, replacing it with a facial recognition or iris recognition system and not just moving it under the screen or on the back, then this system makes sense. Indeed, depth information will make it harder for anyone to fool the device with a picture.

That said, anything can happen until September, when Apple is going to release iPhone 8.

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