iPhone Wallpapers Pop up When Your iPhone Needs Charging

iPhone Charging, Easier Than Ever With This “Reminder” Dynamic Wallpapers

photo: Ben Vessey

If you tend to use your iPhone until “the last drop”, to the point where getting it to charge causes you anxiety, you should consider these wallpapers. Designed by Ben Vessey, their whole purpose is to remind you when your phone is up and running and when it needs a bit of juice.

Called “Dynamo”, the series of dynamic wallpapers from Ben Vessey are both fun and functional. They started as an experiment after the designer saw what Apple’s Shortcuts app could do. If the app was so good at automation, why not offer users a different type of reminder to charge their iPhone?

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With this idea in mind, Vessey started several creative packs of wallpapers. Besides the faces pack and apple pack inspired by Emoji and the Apple logo, the designer released two other packs, mac and album.

“I started dreaming up concepts for wallpaper sets that could help illustrate the charging cycle, adding both aesthetic appeal and functional benefit — as a designer that’s always the ultimate goal,” Vessey says.

The mac pack from the Dynamo collection was inspired by classic Mac wallpapers and the finder symbol. So, now, one pack looks like a giant finder that smiles when the iPhone is charged, looks almost dead when the phone ran out of battery, and buzzed when the phone is charging. All the swaps are automatic, so you don’t have to change a thing.

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The album pack is a nod to David Bowie, where the singer is imagined as attentive when the battery is up, sleeping when the battery is low, and with make-up (the iconic lightning bolt) when the user has finally plugged in their phone to charge.

Interested in the product? Go to Vessey’s page to check all the wallpaper packs.

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iPhone Charging, Easier Than Ever With This “Reminder” Dynamic Wallpapers
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