iPhone SE 22, Better Than Samsung Galaxy S22 at Gaming

iPhone SE 22, Better Than Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra at Gaming

It’s rare to see a mid-range, $400 smartphone do better – in any circumstance – than an over $1000 handset. And yet that’s exactly what happened with this year’s budget iPhone, the iPhone SE 22 and Samsung’s mightiest flagship, the Galaxy S22 Ultra.

In one review, the $429 iPhone SE 2022 proved it could be better at gaming than even the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra.

Golden Reviewer tested the devices on Genshin Impact and the results were shocking. The iPhone had an average frame rate of 54.0 FPS, better than the Galaxy S22 Ultra which scored a 42.1 and the Exynos Galaxy S22 Ultra (35.4).

Not to mention the iPhone managed to do better than another Apple device, an iPad Air 5 outfitted with an M1 chip.

How is that possible? The only explanation for this seems to be the lower resolution of the iPhone (which caps at 720p) that allows it to perform better. The same feature could be responsible for the unexpected average rate of the Samsung phones.

Nevertheless, the results achieved with the budget iPhone exceed even the most optimistic projections. Plus, the iPhone ended up being one of top 3 phones tested to resist the increasing heat of a gaming session.

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iPhone SE 22, Better Than Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra at Gaming
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