iPhone SE 3: A Better Deal than iPhone 13?

iPhone SE 3: A Better Deal than iPhone 13?

If you’re not the type to upgrade every season, you might want to wait a bit before buying the iPhone 13. Turns out, the iPhone SE 3 could be the better deal of the two.

Usually, comparing a budget phone to a flagship is insane. We’re talking different product categories, each with different specs and expectations. But in the iPhone SE’s case, things are not always what they seem.

Apple has kept its loyal fanbase by building a compact phone that’s as smart as the flagships they sell. In other words, if you’re willing to overlook things like display and cameras, you can still have great performance and connectivity from a budget iPhone. 

iPhone SE 3: Design challenge

What will next year’s iPhone SE show up as? So far, we were used to seeing Apple rehash the ol’ iPhone 8 design for this line. It was a way to keep production costs low and the overall price of $400. 

Now, of course, there are voices saying nothing will change in 2022. Next year’s budget iPhone will continue to carry on the chunky bezels, Touch ID home button and 4.7-inches LCD display. Between you and me, that’s not at all what I wish would happen.

The more attractive iPhone SE 2022 rumored is an iPhone XR wannabe. 

Imagine an iPhone SE 2022 that swaps the upper bezels for a notch and the Touch ID for Face ID. It wouldn’t be too much of an effort for Apple and it would mean the world for us, as we’d finally get rid of the old iPhone 8 design. 

Before we go through the rest of the rumors spec sheet, here’s another things everyone’s butting heads over: name. Besides fighting over which design Apple’s gonna choose, leaksters are saying next year’s iPhone will actually be called Plus. As in, plus a couple of features, but nothing too crazy.

Therefore, the iPhone SE 3 name is supposedly coming in 2023 or 2024, with a 5.7 inch-6.1 inch display.

iPhone SE 3: Launch date, Processor, 5G

We won’t know which design Apple is going to choose in the end until January hits. The iPhone SE series usually debuted in spring, so it’s very likely Apple will release them in March or April 2022. 

When it does, Android budget phones will have to pay attention. With the specs rumored already, the iPhone SE 3 will be the cheapest 5G iPhone ever and the fastest cheap phone on the market. 

For one, Apple will give it flagship superpowers. The exterior of the phone may have us confuse it with an iPhone 8, but the internals don’t lie. The processor and connectivity of the phone will make it a 2022 staple.

From what I’ve heard, Apple wants to make it run on the A15 chip. That’s the latest to come from Apple and the chip running on the iPhone 13 right now. It’s incredibly fast with a six-core CPU, a four-core GPU and a 16-core neural engine.

With this powerhouse under the hood, 5G is a given. A feature that, again, pushes the budget phone into flagship realm. Honestly, this iPhone SE will be on par with the iPhone 13 in terms of performance and perhaps even design, if Apple puts to rest the iPhone 8 sketches.

iPhone SE 3: Camera and Colors

Another thing I hope they’ll upgrade is the camera. I think we’re all in agreement that a single camera is no longer enough for a phone and that we deserve at least an ultrawide on the back. And, not to sound picky, but a night mode would also be appreciated, as well as a way to compete with the Pixel “A” series.   

Speaking about extra features, we might also see extra colors in the iPhone SE portfolio. Apple could include green, purple or blue to bring the series closer to their current offerings. 

iPhone SE 3: Battery and Price

While storage should start from 64GB next year, we might get a surprise in the battery department. With a bit of luck, Apple could upgrade it and give us a full day of juice, instead of 9-10 hours roughly. 

Now, with the A15 and 5G almost confirmed and all the possible upgrades discussed so far, a price raise is very likely. Although $400 as a starting price sounds great still, Apple might have to take it up a notch to $450. Nothing is certain, but with big upgrades, raised costs are inevitable. Still, the price for the iPhone SE 3 (or iPhone SE Plus) should fall under $500; that’s how much an iPhone 11 is right now, after all. 

What do you say – is the iPhone SE 2022 a better deal than the iPhone 13?

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