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Ikea’s Sound-Absorbing Curtain Is Here to Save the Day


Privacy is something most of us are looking for in our household, and having neighbors near your personal space is just not an option. If your apartment is prone to echoes, keeping conversations private can become an issue. 

The good news is Ikea – focused on smart home devices lately, just came up with a solution to this problem,  sound-absorbing curtains, the ultimate smart-home accessory you’ve been waiting for.

On the website, the product’s short description says – ‘GUNNLAUG sound absorbing curtain has many clangors. It is stylish, filters out light and softens sound caused by everyday activities like clattering of dishes, clangour of cutlery or screeching from chairs being moved around.’


Considering that we spend a lot of time at home, working remotely, the product is a great alternative to noise-canceling headphones, which are considerably expensive, not to mention you can’t use them 24/7. 

Ikea’s Gunnlaug curtains can be purchased for $49 and are manufactured from chenille yarn with a specific pattern in the fabric with “50-100% greater absorption of medium and high sound frequencies than other fabrics with similar quality and weight.” 

The Gunnlaug curtains are ISO 354-certified, meaning is certified to calibrate and verify the sound absorption capabilities of materials used as wall or ceiling treatments.

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Ikea’s Sound-Absorbing Curtain Is Here to Save the Day
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