IKEA's Gaming Furniture is Almost Here

IKEA’s Gaming Furniture is Almost Here

Next time you’re hunting for an Ikea side table or shelf unit, check the gaming section too. Ikea is launching globally their very own gaming line.

The Swedish company has dipped its toes in the gaming industry, where it met giant ASUS. Together with their Republic of Gamers brand, IKEA came up with 30 products.

As you can expect, their names are one of a kind: Uppspel, Lånespelare, Matchspel, Gruppspel, Utespelare and Hudvudspelare, among others.

So what can you actually buy? IKEA’s new gaming line features small gadgets such as mouse bungees, phone holders, or ring lights for streamers as well as heavy pieces for serious PC gamers.

There are gaming chairs and even standing desks for less money than you’d usually spend. For example, a mouse bungee is about $13 while a chair starts from $69.

The line is rolling out globally on October 1st, after it was introduced in China.

See some of the products up close here!

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