It’s a Beast! Mi 11 Pro Has a HULK of a Camera

It was a bit touch and go for a while, but rumor is Xiaomi isn’t getting off track – Mi 11 Pro will happen. For now, Xiaomi is just taking its sweet time. Probably savoring the millions made with the Mi 11 after selling over 350,000 units in five minutes?!

Word is it’s gonna drop in February, after the Chinese Spring festival. So, about a month after the Samsung Galaxy S21 reveal… not too close so they risk being outdone, not too far so people forget about the phone altogether. 

Xiaomi is being tight-lipped about the Pro version but things have leaked online like two phone renders that show how different the camera will be on this model. A totally different beast than the Mi 11’s triple one!

Surprised? I was, too. Frankly, I was expecting some upgrades here and there from this model, but I guess Xiaomi’s other reason for announcing it separately is that it’s actually a whole other device!  

For the Mi 11 Pro we’re gonna have a QUAD camera on our hands, guys, sitting comfortably on a bigger camera island.

I thought I’d be annoyed by how massive it is… but, you know what? I promised myself that as long as the tech is worth it, I’m gonna be more forgiving this year. New Year’s Eve resolutions and all that. 

And in Mi 11 Pro’s case, there’s plenty of camera goodies. Like a 108MP wide one, with a periscope one for 120x zoom, just as we saw on the Mi 10 Ultra.

Expect an ultrawide with a 12mm focal length – that’s equivalent to a 35mm. And finally a 2x tele for a smoother zoom effect. Not a macro in sight – unlike the Mi 11.

We’re looking at a drastically different camera, guys, one that’s got a bigger footprint, and better and different lenses. And I mean, give me a zoom lens anytime you want instead of a macro! Macro gets old, fast.

Plus, it’s gonna have the same video enhancements as the Mi 11.

Find out more watching the video above!

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