It's Easier Now To Shop For Auto Parts Online Thanks To Latest Ebay Motors Feature

It’s Easier Now To Shop For Auto Parts Online Thanks To Latest Ebay Motors Feature

Credit: Ebay Motors

Sometimes you need that part for your car and after a lot of headaches, you get it, just to find out as you’re trying to fit it that it’s not compatible. Ebay decided to make it easier for all the mechanics and DIY-ers out there, by introducing a new feature: Shop by Diagram.

More than half of all U.S. adults have tackled some sort of auto repair by themselves, and not knowing exactly which part they need can be one of the biggest obstacles to online parts shopping. The new features we’re rolling out today eliminate the guesswork by helping people find and buy the specific part they need – even if they don’t know exactly what it is“, says eBay Americas Vice President Jay Hanson.

The feature allows users to use interactive schematics in their quest for the right auto part. What you need to know is the year, model, trim level and engine type of your vehicle and put all that information in the My Garage portal.

Once that is done, you can choose a category that will narrow down your search and allow you to explore even to find the parts you don’t know the name of.

Once you’ve picked one, eBay will only show you the items that are actually compatible with your vehicle, which takes any other guesswork you would have had to do out of the question.

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