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Jabra Enhance Plus Buds Are Designed to Help with Hearing Loss

Jabra is mostly known for their true wireless earbuds for the gym but their latest ones are aimed at people with hearing loss.

The Jabra Enhance Plus look like regular wireless buds but are designed for people with “mild-to-moderate” hearing loss. It’s not an alternative to a traditional hearing aid solution but more of a precursor.

Considering hearing loss is a modern epidemic, with up to 17% of US adults experiencing it, this is a sleek option to alleviate symptoms. 

The Jabra Enhance Plus are half the size of the popular Jabra Elite 75T but still manage to offer a 10 hour battery life, which goes up to 30 total when you include the case.

They come with noise reduction to block out background noise and beamforming to isolate and amplify certain sounds to help mitigate hearing loss.

Jabra Enhance Plus profiles earbuds

“These pioneering hearing-enhancing earbuds have been specifically engineered with advanced medical-grade technology, to help you focus on what you want to listen to, without just turning up the volume.

Our innovative design uses 4 dedicated microphones to reduce background noise and improve speech clarity, so whether you’re chatting with your partner in a busy café or catching up with friends over dinner, the sounds that matter will be crystal-clear,” says Jabra.

Right now there’s no word on how much these will go for or when they will launch but Jabra does have a newsletter form to keep you updated.

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Jabra Enhance Plus Buds Are Designed to Help with Hearing Loss

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