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Jammy EVO MIDI Controller Turns Your Guitar Into the Whole Band

Feeling the lockdown blues?

Jammy Instruments, a music-tech start-up, is launching a funky MIDI controller that lets amateur guitarists essentially become a whole band.

According to its makers, the Jammy EVO “translates the guitar skills into any instrument to create in any genre”.

All you have to do is connect it to a laptop or smartphone with a DAW and become a one-man band, neighbours be damned. This MIDI controller also has an accelerometer letting you use it as a whammy.

Jammy EVO is going to have a set of next-gen optical sensors that will reduce the MIDI latency to the industry’s record 8—10 ms, and also improve MIDI tracking.

New mappable hardware controls will be added to the current push knob and accelerometer. Also, there will be a long-awaited lefty version,” said the makers in the press release.

The Jammy EVO is also highly portable, with a collapsible frame design that can fit in any backpack. To be honest, the design is pretty sleek!

Jammy EVO assembling

Right now, the Jammy EVO is available for pre-order at 30% off for $249, a price that includes free access to Jammy In-Tuition, a learning platform for those already familiar with software like Ableton Live.

On May 19th, this music gadget will also launch on Kickstarter, so a deal might also be available there.

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