Japan Has Been Working for Over a Decade to Make Its Trains a Minute Faster

Credit: Y Hosokawa/ Pixabay

Japan’s bullet trains are no joke – everyone is aware of how fast and efficient they are. Still, the East Japan Railway Company is not completely satisfied with them.

The company has begun a two-year construction project that is supposed to get passengers from Ueno to Omiya a full minute faster.

That sounds silly at first glance, but think about it. Being able to send trains at 130 km per hour, as opposed to the current limit of 110 km per hour, is important, as Nikkei rightly puts it. Currently, a bullet train spends 30 minutes to go from one station to the other.

As a representative told Nikkei:

“Even reducing the time by a minute is a big step towards increasing passenger numbers.”

Tokyo and the surrounding metropolises are massive, so millions of people commute in and out every day. That one minute can truly make a difference to the point where those added up minutes can make room for an extra trip a day, which is no small feat.

JR East plans to install additional sound absorbing paneling in order to first decrease the noise in the areas where they plan to increase the speed of the trains.

The Japanese railway system is a gem of public transportation that does not have an equal anywhere in the world, and the company seems to plan on keeping it that way.

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