USB Restricted Mode Update is Available For iPhones

USB Restricted Mode Update Is Available for iPhones

Credit: Olly Browning/ Pixabay

The USB Restricted Mode was noticed sometime back in May, by the Elcomsoft researchers. Now, the security feature is live and ready to add an extra layer of protection on your personal data. We can only guess how many people will be angry at this new update…

The update became available on Monday and it’s ready to be downloaded at your leisure.

The feature is called USB Restricted Mode and it shuts off access to the iPhone’s Lightning port if the device has not been used in the past hour.

The update was not announced with the usual noise most Apple announcements are made, but that’s probably because Apple does not want to go on the bad side of law enforcement agencies. At the same time, these security measures do keep all our private data safe, so we don’t really think the users will complain.

Once you download it, the USB Restricted Mode will be automatically enabled. At the same time, it will also fix a number of tiny bugs and improve the Find My AirPods feature.

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