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Jaybird’s Vista Plan To Be Your Perfect Exercise Earbuds


Jaybird’s first truly wireless earbuds were the Jaybird Run but since their initial release in 2017, a lot of other earbuds have made an appearance on the market. Even if the Run were really great earbuds (and fully waterproof to boot), Jaybird decided it was time to take it a step further and created the Vista. 

Today’s athlete demands zero distractions,” Jaybird CEO Jamie Parker said of the earbuds. “That’s why we set out to design the most powerful wireless headphones in the smallest and lightest form factor. The result of this obsession is Jaybird VISTA – our lightest, smallest and most durable earbuds to date.”

These earbuds are much smaller than the Run and only weigh 6 grams, which means you’ll barely even feel them in your hand, not to mention in your ears. They feature wingtips of course, which ensure they stay in their place and the users will receive three different bud sizes for a perfect fit. 

With the decrease in size of the earbuds themselves, Jaybird also decided to do some work on the charging case. The Run charging case was pretty large and opened up by itself on occasion. The company learned from that lesson and created a more compact case instead which can deliver 10 hours of charge and that is on top of the 6 hours already present on the earbuds themselves. The case uses USB-C to charge.

Something else has changed in terms of connectivity as well: not only is the Bluetooth connection more stable but the users can choose to use each earbud independently if they feel like it, something that was not present on the Run model where the right unit was the one that paired up while the left backpacked on the connection. Now, each earbud can work independently. 

The Vista also improved on sound – they feature redesigned 6mm milled drivers that deliver more precision and audio accuracy and less harmonic distortion. By using them alongside the Jaybird app, the users can customize their audio experience using the Personal EQ function. This feature allows them to test their hearing and to create a sound profile that is inherently their own. 

In addition to that, Jaybird states that the earbuds are waterproof, sweatproof and even crushproof, which makes them ideal companions for exercising. The components are completely sealed off from any intrusive elements in an internal capsule. 

The Jaybird Vista will release sometime in August for $179.99, the same price tag as their predecessor. 

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