Juul AI Vape Could Help You Quit Nicotine

source: Juul

Juul Labs may be known for their vaping devices that are equally addictive as traditional cigarettes but, in the future, they may be part of the anti-smoking movement. A patent recently published suggests they’ve taken into consideration how AI can work with vapes to help smokers quit nicotine.

The Devices and Methods for Cessation of Nicotine Addiction document shows how AI can learn a user’s smoking habits and use that data to deliver less nicotine over time, helping the user quit it altogether in the end.

Users could input the information themselves or the device could read vaporizer data and interpret it automatically. The device would then make all this easy to understand for the user through a companion app. The app would presumably show how much nicotine is actually consumed, the amount of nicotine that needs to be reduced, set limits for every session and even play games and engage in in-app activities that can relieve stress so a cigarette seems less appealing.

In time, the nicotine delivered would be replaced by a product like citric acid. Gradually, the break would feel natural, a better alternative to going cold turkey overnight.  

Plus, the data gathered could be shared with the medical staff, helping in diagnosis and treatment of certain conditions.

There’s no telling whether this concept will ever hit market, but if it does, it could help with vaping’s reputation. Right now, there are contradicting studies regarding the effect of e-cigarettes, more specifically whether they can help smokers quit or fuel their addiction further.

This month, CDC has reported 68 deaths and 2,807 cases of lung injuries caused by vaping.

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