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You Can Teach Your Kids Programming With the Harry Potter Coding Kit

It’s not quite a Hogwarts type of education but you can now teach children the magic of programming with the newly-revealed Harry Potter Kano Coding Kit.

Inspired by J.K. Rowling’s universe, the Harry Potter Kano Coding Kit lets children create their own magic spells in a Windows, Mac, iOS or Android App, and then program their own magic wand.

Using digital blocks to help children put together commands and go through 70 coding challenges, the Harry Potter Kano app will teach children the fun of programming by allowing them to try out spells like Wingardium Leviosa or Stupefy.

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Available for $99 on Kano’s website, the Harry Potter coding kit and wand are also compatible with other Kano launches, so if, by miracle, your child gets bored of acting like Hermione, you can always offer him new challenges.

If the wands themselves are available as official replicas, something tells us we’ll see them used by grown-ups looking for a career in programming, as well.

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