Samsung's Massive Wall TV Coming Soon, Could Be "Affordable"

Samsung’s Massive Wall TV Coming Soon, Could Be “Affordable”

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Samsung made waves at CES 2018 with the massive, 146-inch Wall, a modular TV that can actually fit into any space. Now, Samsung says that the Wall will go on sale in August this year, with mass production starting in September. Even better, in 2019, the company will release an even thinner version which might be actually “affordable”.

Formed by 9.73-inch MicroLED modules without bezels, that fit together seamlessly, the 80mm thick Samsung Wall can be resized to fit the space required. Essentially, the modules are panels made up of tiny LEDs that emit their own light, just like OLED. However, because MicroLEDs are made of inorganic materials, they are longer lasting and less prone for pixel burn-in than the organic-based OLEDs.

If you find yourself in Berlin, during IFA, there’s a great chance you’ll see The Wall there.

The best part of Samsung’s Wall is the fact that consumers will not be forced to order the whole 146-inch shebang but can instead buy just the number of modules they want, which can then be assembled to the desired resolution. Samsung’s Hang Jong-hee says that “consumers will be able to do anything they want with displays or screens that they feel comfortable with, just like mobile displays,” which is a tempting promise indeed.

The consumer version of The Wall that will be launched in 2019 will be seriously slimmed down to fit finer sensibilities and larger pockets, shrinking to just 30 mm. However, while it’s indisputable that an 146-inch Wall won’t be quite the display a budget-conscious family will pick, Samsung’s Hang Jong-hee told Engadget that ““the price will not be as high as people think.”

Want to take any bets?

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