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Keep Your Appointments With This Mindful Calendar Watch

We’re used to multi-tasking wearables – they keep track of our fitness progress, daily mails and notifications, can give calls and take pictures… often being unnecessary complicated. A great smartwatch combines the classic look with one essential function, according to What Watch founders.

Their latest gadget shows the time impeccably while keeping track of your appointments from the last 12 hours. It does so by highlighting segments of the watch display. First you have to sync the watch with calendar services such as Apple, Google, Microsoft, Facebook and Yahoo, then the coresponding watch app selects time frames for every event, lunch and meeting you have.

In this way, you don’t have to check the hour for your meetings several times per day, always opening your phone and loging in that calendar app. It spares you the side looks friends might give you during important conversations.

What you need to know:

  • the battery lasts around 22 days
  • it syncs your calendar 48 hours in advance, in the event that your phone dies
  • it switches to new time zones automatically
  • you can customize it to show distinct timespans or 12 hour days
  • you can’t edit the time of the events or delete them alltogether from your watch

The shipping will start in September, this year, with watches selling from $160 to $2000, the latter being a luxury edition with white gold body and pale gold printing.

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