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Keep Your Overspending Habit In Check With Electric Shocks Wearable


Your shopping habits leave you in debt every month? Maybe you should keep in check that habit of yours. Since that’s easier said than done, one UK firm has decided to give the proverbial helping hand by releasing a platform that makes sure you never run out of money #objectmagic

Intelligent Environments created an Internet of Things bank that connects your real bank account with smart devices. If you’re tempted by pretty, cool, shiny gadgets every week, then there’s only one thing you need to buy to stay clear of them: the Pavlok wristband.  This wearable can zap you the minute your bank account funds go below a previously agreed limit. It’s a modern take on Pavlov’s conditioning – the idea that a certain, chosen condition (zap!) can trigger a different behavioral reaction; in this case, you’ll keep your card… in your pants. No joke – Pavlok delivers a 255 volt shock that stings more than you believe.

Alternative ways of keeping your finances safe? Turning down the heating and saving energy automatically, by connecting the platform with a Nest smart meter.

“This is about reacting to changes in your financial well-being,” says David Webber, CEO Intelligent Environments. “Willpower is great if you’ve got it – not everybody has.” Word!

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