Keeping It Professional: The Boring Company Controlls One Of Its Machines With an XBox controller

Keeping It Professional: The Boring Company Controls One Of Its Machines With an XBox controller

Credi: The Boring Company

I don’t know where to begin with The Boring Company, really. It’s a source of constant entertainment, starting with the flamethrowers and ending with the talks about making candy; every endeavour they come up with is wilder than the next.

I’m pretty sure everyone that operates within it is having tons of fun though, as suggested by the most recent video posted on Twitter, which shows a large piece of tunneling machinery being guided by  an operator via an XBox controller.

The Tweet simply stated:

Best video game ever 

— The Boring Company (@boringcompany) September 8, 2018

If this is real, and a usual setup for the company, I’d love to know.

It wouldn’t be the first time an XBox controller is used in an unconventional way: the USS Colorado has an XBox controller in charge of its photonic masts and in 2012, the US Army used one to operate a robot tank.

Now, I think I am asking the real question here when I say: wouldn’t digging a tunnel actually prove to be the most boring game ever?

No pun intended.

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