Koenigsegg Plans a 1 Million Euro ‘CO2 Neutral’ Hybrid Car


Koenigsegg plans to build something new to the market and very soon – the company wants to reveal a completely new, eco-friendly supercar.

According to company founder Christian von Koenigsegg, they have worked with National Electric Vehicle Sweden and plan to develop a 1 Million Euro car (that is around $1.15 million) that will be “completely CO2 neutral”.

In order to achieve that, the company came up with the idea to meld its own camless freevalve combustion engine technology with the electric assistance.

Given the freevalve technology, we can actually cold-start the car on pure alcohol, down to -30 degrees Celsius, so there’s no need for any fossil fuel mix then.” Von Koenigsegg says “The idea is to prove to the world that even a combustion engine can be completely CO2 neutral.

That means that this future hybrid car wouldn’t depend on electric power all that much and wouldn’t hurt the environment either. Christian von Koenigsegg predicts that, when Tesla and other automaker brands will start mass-producing electric vehicles, there will be a shortage of battery cells, which his company can easily avoid thanks to its future hybrid.

Aside from that, he was quiet about any other details except for the fact that they don’t plan to cannibalize their design: the car would look similar to the brand’s other well-known and easily recognizable cars.

If everything goes according to plan and Koenigsegg manages to jump over all the obstacles this technology will place in the way, we can expect to see this hybrid supercar as early as 2020.

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