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Wine Dispenser Keeps Wine Fresh For A Month, No Matter How Many Varieties You Try


Everytime you invite over some friends, two problems come up: 1) everyone prefers a different type of wine, 2) once they leave, you end up with five, different opened bottles, all of them more than half full. In order to never waste wine like that again, Kuvee released a smart wine dispenser, one that allows you to enjoy uncorked wine for up to 30 days, no matter how many bottles you open during this time. #objectmagic, right there!


Perfect for small gatherings, this wine dispenser comes with its own canisters. So you have one black “sleeve” of a wine bottle that features an interactive LED touchscreen and Kuvee aluminum bottles that go inside the black support. The idea is to open the aluminum bottle, put the sleeve on, click them together and then pour wine. You’ll see that the moment you fill the gadget with wine, the type of wine chosen and other useful info, such as origin and the food that goes best with, will appear on the touchscreen.

The minute you want to change the bottle, you simply take it out and the bottle will reseal itself, preventing air from getting it.

The device will debut in October, just in California and Massachusetts, with an offer of 50 variety of wines to choose from. The dispenser will cost around $180-$200 while each refill will have a starting price of $15. In the future, Kuvee wants to add recommendations of wines to the interactive touchscreen that connects with their servers via Wi-Fi.

Sounds good enough or will you keep buying wines traditionally, from shops or supermarkets?

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