Lamborghini Terzo Millennio Is MIT’s Wild Concept EV

lamborghini terzo millennio

Terzo Millennio is exactly what you’d expect from a Lamborghini EV concept. It’s wild, cool, menacing. The “third millennium” is probably the best-looking EV supercar we’ve seen so far. But what’s under the hood is equally important, especially since it’s coming from MIT’s best #automagic

For a Lamborghini electric vehicle, MIT has thought of supercapacitors. Engineers suggest producing a supercapacitor that would work as a main battery with the added benefit of recharging and discharging quickly. It would give this badass car a brutal acceleration, for sure. Another option is carbon composite batteries that use nanotechnology. This one would reduce the weight of the car, while also increasing the discharge capacity of the batteries.

If they’re bold, they might even go with a mix of the two. The cabin is pushed forward a lot and there are air channels everywhere to keep the car as grounded as possible. Of course, the photo above is likely to remain an example of what Lamborghini envisions for their electric future.

All things considered, the car company is bound to go with an all-wheel drive. Still, here we are talking more about an in-wheel electric motor-based one than a mechanical one. As for body material, carbon fiber is the way to go. Naturally, since we are talking about MIT’s involvement, they have thought about tech that can detect degradation in the body early on and repair it with “nano-channels”.  Also, they claim there’s a way to to turn the body in energy storage space, a battery of sorts, if you will.

All in all, if Lamborghini pulls off at least a part of these features, we consider ourselves lucky.

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