CES 2019

Lavviebot Litter Box is CES 2019’s Superstar for Cat Lovers Everywhere

Sure, the Kohler smart toilet with Alexa and club lights was a showstopper, but the Lavviebot Litter Box is definitely one of the most useful gadgets at CES 2019.

A godsend for cat owners everywhere, the Lavviebot kind of looks like a washing machine but it’s actually a fully enclosed, automated litter box for your furry friends that scoops the litter on its own.

What separates it from existing automatic litter boxes is the ability to differentiate between different cats, reload the litter from a special reserve and even text you once your cat has used it. It does this through a Purrsong app that can even track your cat’s weight.

Those last features will be useful for monitoring a cat’s health, especially those who have to be supervised after medical interventions.

Purrsong, the Lavviebot’s maker, didn’t announce a price for the Lavviebot yet.

Instead, in May, the company will launch an Indiegogo campaign to crowdfund this smart litter box. That means you’ll probably be able to buy one at a backer’s discount.

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