Leak Reveals Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 2 Could Have Bigger Display

Leak Reveals Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 2 Could Have Bigger Display

A new leak in refference to the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 2 surfaced, highlighting a few potential features that lead us to believe the handset will be a significant improvement of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip.

Leaker @chunvn8888 says he is “100% confident” the Galaxy Z Flip 2 will integrate a bigger outer screen than the original version of the Flip phone. He also highlighted the fact the phone will also benefit from a bigger battery and new UTG (Ultra Thin Glass), along with an upgraded hinge mechanism.

The leaker also mentions that the design and specs or camera information on the second-gen Samsung clamshell foldable are not confirmed yet.

The first Samsung Galaxy Flip Z features Snapdragon 855+ flagship processor and has 8 GB of RAM, 256 GB, and it integrates a 6.7 inches OLED display. 

Earlier this month, we were telling you that Samsung is also getting ready to launch the Galaxy Fold 2, which unlike the previous generations, the phone has larger screens and a smaller hinge, which enables it to be completely closed when folded. 

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