Leaked Photo Gives Us First Look At Alleged New Design of the OnePlus 7


A new leak peeked its head from the depths of the internet over the weekend and it might just have given us a first, up-close and personal glimpse of an upcoming OnePlus smartphone, which might prove to be the OnePlus 7.

The image surfaced thanks to SlashLeaks, and it raises more questions than it answers.

The phones in the photograph are settled in a case, which should, technically, hide the final design: the one on the left (the presumed upcoming model) is compared side-by-side with the OnePlus 6T. Both phones feature the “Never Settle” message.


The phone on the left does not feature a notch and the screen is stretched out side to side with minimal bezels. This indicates that we might expect this new handset to come with a slider mechanism for the camera but, again, we can’t really be sure because the protective case is keeping the sides of the device well hidden.

Of course, this alleged OnePlus device is still in the early stages of development and, if it truly is the real thing, the design might still suffer some changes before it will be released on the market.

For the moment, we have to take this photo with a grain of salt until we will get our hands on more reliable leaks, and we definitely will as soon as a release date will start approaching.

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