Leaked Photos Show What Might Be DJI’s New Mavic Drone

Credit: DroneON

Remember how earlier this month we came across a leak that mentioned DJI might be working on a few more Mavic drones?

Well, according to DroningON, a “Mavic Enterprise” model might be on the way. The original leak comes from Kanzhaji, but the real source of the images is unknown.

There is not a lot of information about the drone so far, just what we can take from the leaked photos, which show the machine to sport quite a few attachments that can be added in order to enhance various functions.


The first visible accessory is able to tilt backwards and forwards and probably to the sides as well and so far there is only speculation about it. Most say that it is a radar attachment for 3D mapping of buildings or objects while other insist it is a PA speaker system. Their guess is as good as any.

The other accessory is in a fixed position and it might be an infra-red dome for receiving infra-red signals or an aviation strobe for night flight.

The arm of the drone reads clearly “Mavic Enterprise”, the name possibly suggesting that DJI might be entering a multi-purpose, low-cost sector of drone manufacturing, which would balance their more high-end Matrice series drone branch.

Obviously, the entire leak has not been confirmed or denied and should not be taken for granted until an official statement will be released by DJI.


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