Leap Motion Tech Helps You Use Your Hands in VR

Virtual reality makes having a dream, while conscious, possible. The only thing is, like many times in a dream, your body remains trapped in reality, while your head is travelling into another world. Leap Motion found a way to involve your more in the latter: Orion hand-tracking system.

This new generation of gesture control is so accurate, that you will be able to use your hands and fingers in the VR or AR and actually forget about the technological barrier. “It is the first version that is specific for virtual reality, and we think we can really transform VR in a fundamental way by letting people, as soon as they put on a headset, see their hands in front of them”, explains Michael Buckwald, chief executive and cofounder of Leap Motion.

Oculus Rift VR and HTC Vive offer hand controls with their respective headsets, but none are so accurate as the Orion. This piece of technology combines updated software for those who already own  Leap Motion’s gesture control computer peripheral and hardware detection system that will be embedded in products that we’ll get a chance to see later this year.

Prepare to be amazed by this version’s capabilities: every finger and joint is tracked closely, detecting hand gestures – palms open/closed in a fist, fingers pointing to a direction – much faster than the first model. Once you start playing with it, you will discover two golden rules: always have your ways on your hands to “activate” Orion and don’t get scared when you don’t feel them in VR – for now, there’s no haptic feedback.


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