Legion Hololens Mixed Reality Experience Comes To Comic-Con

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This year’s Comic Con visitors will have quite the surprise upon crossing the San Diego event threshold. The team from TV show Legion and VR production company Here Be Dragons are set to create a special mixed reality experience #realitymagic

Comic Con 2017 will very much continue its newly-found tradition of exposing visitors to virtual reality experiences. But, unlike other years, this time fans will have the opportunity to peak inside the head of the main character from TV show Legion, David Haller. In the show, David appears as a mere schizophrenic who, as the action progresses, finds out he’s one of the most powerful mutants alive. Each episode is laden with hallucinations, visions and hypnotic scenes that could be exceptionally translated with the help of MR.

That’s why Justin Denton (Here Be Dragons) reached out to the Legion team to create an immersive Hololens experience this year at Comic Con. Sessions: The Legion Mixed Reality Experience will last 10 minutes and feature live actors. Visitors will find themselves in a brand new installation space where Microsoft Hololens headsets will allow them to see the real objects and people mix with augmented elements.

According to Denton, the experience will focus on scenes from the first season and offer sneak peeks into the second one.  To get the chance of being Legion for a day, FX is welcoming reservations stating this July 17th. 

The San Diego Comic Con begins on July 19th and ends on the 23rd.

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